Rear Glass Window for Hard Cab Enclosure


Required to build Hard Cab Enclosure, or sold as stand alone item.
Important: To build the complete Hard Cab Enclosure you must also order the Front Glass Windscreen and Wiper Kit (BG4-F83J0-T1), and the Hard Cab Enclosure Door Kit (B8K-K85A0-V0) , both sold separately and are listed in Related Products below.
The Hard Sun Top Roof is standard factory fitment for Australian and New Zealand markets.

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Yamaha is offering all the components of the Hard Cab Enclosure System separately for added customer convenience.


  • An accessible cargo area is one of the key features of the fully functional Wolverine X2.
  • The rear window features a pickup truck-style sliding glass window for added convenience and capability.
  • The fully lockable window keeps your items secure from unwanted company.
  • When paired with the Rear Cargo Box to maximize rear cargo space, you have a truly versatile package ready to conquer the outdoors.
  • Use this Glass Rear Window in conjunction with the items listed below, and in “Related Products” to build the Full Hard Cab Enclosure on your Wolverine X2, all items are sold separately.
  • Tinted glass window (window must be closed while in drive)
  • Works perfectly with the Rear Cargo Box, sold separately
  • Combined with the Front Glass Windshield and Wiper Kit, and the Hard Cab Enclossure Door Kit to build your fully enclosed Hard Cab System on the X2

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